One Painting Plus One Painting equals Number One?


Artist Joyce Van Horn was recently awarded 1st Place in the category Oils for her painting “Ghosting Along” and 1st Place in the category Pastel Painting for “Somewhere in France” at the 24th Annual Westminster Art Show in Jacksonville, Florida.

“I saw the movie about the painter, Turner, more than a year ago. Inspired by his amazing skies and seas, I wanted to paint a Turner-like painting. This painting turned out to be a very symbolic piece for me.

Oil sticks in hand, The boat just started drawing itself on my canvas, sailing downwind. Sailing downwind on a calm sea can be a very peaceful, almost mystical experience, sometimes called “Ghosting Along”. The water lapping against the hull of the boat creates its own kind of gentle music, the perfect accompaniment for the final sail around the last mark. The last mark is a red buoy, and as sailors know, it is “red right returning” when returning to port.

Returning to home port in a blazing sunset might just be heaven on earth or maybe earth in heaven. I don’t know. I get all mixed up. That’s why I’m a painter.”