Art-Cetera, Art-Cetera

“When Life gives you lemons” was painted just after my youngest sister, Jennifer died just after Christmas. I was so frustrated by not being able to say goodbye as she slipped away so quickly in Argentina. The next-day burial robbed me of the chance to be there too. Losing a sister is like losing a hand. You have always just ... More
Sometimes life just comes and gets you. When the opportunity came up to apply for a space in the newly formed co-op at the Suntan Gallery, I sent my art portfolio into the jury hoping to get one of the 16 spaces. I didn’t know that we were being chosen as AIR candidates. Yes, the ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE title just fell into ... More
Artist Joyce Van Horn was recently awarded 1st Place in the category Oils for her painting “Ghosting Along” and 1st Place in the category Pastel Painting for “Somewhere in France” at the 24th Annual Westminster Art Show in Jacksonville, Florida. “I saw the movie about the painter, Turner, more than a year ago. Inspired by his amazing skies and seas, ... More
Life changes! And life has certainly changed for me. I have closed my Suntan Loft Art Studio and moved to my new home complete with more art studio space. The luxury of floating into my own art studio whenever it beckons is an unspeakable gift. Creating art to My own music, on My own time and in My own space ... More
This summer art show will stretch all the way into December, so check it out at your leisure.  Ghosting Along”, a 28″ x 48″ oil painting is my entry along with ” Iceberg Mystery “, a 14″ x 18” pastel painting.  In “Ghosting Along”, I was inspired by the painter, Turner’s skies as well as they many hours we sailed our ... More
LOFT STUDIO AT SUNTAN ART CENTER Open Studio Every Second Wednesday of the month  5:30-7:00PM Come to the Loft Studio over the shop at the Suntan Art Center at 3300 Gulf Boulevard, St. Pete Beach. Come join us for some wine and cheese and some Art Chat.  The Loft features oils, pastels and encaustics by Joyce Van Horn and oils ... More
September Art Show at Suntan Art Center presented a Blue Ribbon Award, for first place, for Joyce Van Horn’s “Return of the Doves”, a Pastel Painting.... More
Wondrous wax! October 8 – November 18 2016. Come to the opening featuring encaustic wax paintings of Joyce Van Horn and Rita Gould at Davidsons Fine Art 3036 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, FL 5 to 9 pm... More
Seduced by the slants of light in tree-filtered Gulfport, a quaint St. Petersburg village from the early 1900’s, one cannot resist its beguiling charm.  Pastels are the natural choice for this colorful environment where people nap in the mid-day sun preparing to emerge into the musical, artsy, fun-filled nights of Gulfport. I call this pastel”Gulfport Pink” and it awakens the ... More
Participating in the October Art Show with “Evening Leaves Dancing” at Suntan Art Center, I volunteered to join and help lead the fun at the Spectral Musings: Ghost and Art Tour, Sat, Oct 3, 2015 – 6-9 PM Hosted by the SPIRITS OF ST. PETERSBURG AND SUNTAN ART CENTER – 3300 GULF BLVD – ST. PETE BEACH, FL THIS FREE ... More
Florida inspires a new look at life and it shows up in my new series, CREATION! Back in St. Pete in the old familar, the new suddenly blooms because there is no “old familiar”. Life carries us into unexpected new places everyday and my favorite place to explore life is always on the canvas.... More
I am in California with my family teaching my daughter Susan to draw. She drew this on her first attempt:... More
Meandering over highways, under bridges, through tunnels – trusting America’s infrastructure one more time, we take off through the landscape for the East Coast.  Splashing through puddles, passing windmills, skyscrapers, cities and farms, we absorb the impressions of  discovered towns and cities along the way.  Those impressions join our unique experience and make us who we are.  From each bump in the road, ... More
“All art is just color next to color and shape next to shape, whether a painting is abstract or figurative, it is the same thing, color next to color and shape next to shape”.  When creating a piece of art, the artist is intensely drawn into this phenomenon, and while absorbed in those colors and shapes, the artist is often ... More